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Top 10 Gifts For That Transformers Fan

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Top 10 Gifts For That Transformers Fan

If you are thinking of buying a gift for a friend who is a Transformers fanatic, here is a list of fantastic gift ideas which can help you make a fast decision.

1. An Optimus Prime Robot
This has to be one of the coolest gifts you can give to any Transformers fan. The bigger it is the better! But the most important thing of all, it must be able to transform into a truck and back to a robot in a jiffy. I am sure every Optimus Prime fan will die to own one of these.

2. A Megatron or Galvatron Robot
This is a similar idea to that of an Optimus Prime robot, but a Megatron or Galvatron robot is more appropriate for any fan that has an “evil” streak in him. This person would be someone who actually cheered when Optimus Prime was killed in the original Transformers Cartoon Movie back in the 1980s.

3. Stylish Transformers Cufflinks
Even top corporate figures love Transformers as most of them grew up watching the cartoon series. A pair of Transformers cufflinks will definitely be the perfect gift for them. This pair of cufflinks should have the Autobot logo on one side and the Decepticon logo on the other side. A regular corporate man will instantly turn into a cool professional when he is spotting a pair of these.

4. Transformers Coffee Mug
Imagine the envy of your colleagues when you bring your Transformers coffee mug to the office and drink your favorite latte from it.

5. Transformers Necktie
No! Not the nerdy type with a picture of two robots fighting. This tie will have to be stylishly designed. It should show enough hints of the Transformers but not so much that it looks nerdy.

6. A Megan Fox Doll
Now, now… stop thinking of anything dirty. I am talking about a sweet 1-2 feet tall soft toy which you can hug when you sleep. Hopefully she will come alive in your dreams. Happy dreaming!

7. Transformers Traveling Bag Pack
You will not miss your traveling bag ever again on the conveyor belt in the airport once you own one of these. In fact, no one will miss it as it will be the main attraction on the conveyor belt!

8. Transformers T-shirt
As this will be a casual shirt, feel free to put as many robots on it as you can. You want to see explosions and destruction and fighting all on that shirt.

9. Transformers Cell Phone
This is not only a phone that is designed based on the Transformers series, its ring tone is actually the Transformers cartoon theme song.

10. A Transformers Laptop
How cool to have a picture of Optimus Prime on the cover of your laptop and a picture of Galvatron on your desktop. Not only that; even the mouse cursor consists of an animated Bumble Bee!

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