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Vintage Toys Fisher Price Little People Zoo Play Set #916 from 1984

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hey peeps…take a few and do a little research on this kind of stuff..there is still some money in certain fisher price toys..thank God and keep your head o…

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30 Responses to “Vintage Toys Fisher Price Little People Zoo Play Set #916 from 1984”

  1. mamushi72sai5575 says:

    where is the tree for the orange building?

  2. mamushi72sai5575 says:

    alright ;_;

  3. LuckyPennyShop.com says:

    Cool, we have a ton of Fisher Price toys… Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Mubarak Dabo says:

    U had a cold on the bald aid

  5. LuckyPennyShop.com says:

    This video was for an eBay listing, so it was sold as incomplete.

  6. Redneck Picker says:

    @wstoner nice! do a video!

  7. Storage Heroes says:

    Good call! We found some little people recently that were made of bakelite,
    not plastic– and we held on to them… now I know where to look on the
    web! Thanks for another great video!

  8. Begbucks says:

    I never did much with toys, I learned something 😉

  9. Redneck Picker says:

    @AudioPanacea Hell ya! If you have the time and find a big ol nest of them.

  10. Joe Ross says:

    lol, I remember all those all FP toys. I had a grip of them when I was
    growing up. Damn, shuld of held on to them, lol.

  11. Tony Nguyen says:

    i like it!

  12. Preacherpicker says:

    Love the wee little people! Older Fisher Price stuff rocks, especially if
    the paper labels are in good shape. Thanks, RP! God Bless!

  13. Tom The English Picker says:

    Some great info RP, thanks. I picked up a fisher price Evil Kenevil – 4
    inch action figure last weekend. Just wanted to test the ‘Ebay water’ with
    it because I see them all the time. Got it for 30p asking £2.99 inc free

  14. Redneck Picker says:

    @greenwooddesign Thanks Mr. Across the Pond Picker!! LOL

  15. Redneck Picker says:

    @TheNinjaPicker NP IN DA HOUSE!

  16. victorianladyaz1 says:

    I bought the castle for 4, sold for 31. I restored the wrinkled lithos-
    brush water on it w a paintbrush and seal it with modge podge. The old glue
    reactivates and my buyer was so happy with the results BC it can be safely
    played with! 🙂

  17. Bill Stoner says:

    I think I have a few paper boxes full of old FP. I hit salvation army today
    and bought furniture to fill box truck. They were having 50% off sale. I
    should do a video.

  18. mes2380 says:

    cool thanks for the info.

  19. trinketgobblin says:

    hey RP thanks for the info, went to my local Goodwill and scored some nice
    pieces for less than a buck, now time to see what they do on e-bay

  20. denia72 says:

    Thanks for the info!

  21. Redneck Picker says:

    @StorageHeroes Thanks Rebecca…the wooden ones used to sell like mad back
    in the day.

  22. blacklasagna says:

    Don’t forget playmobil people

  23. Redneck Picker says:

    @ThePaperCastle Heather! Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down! Kind of
    like me when i was really fat..LOL

  24. Redneck Picker says:

    @thisisunreal1 You bet. THanks for the SS mention!

  25. TheNinjaPicker says:

    Thanks Bro!

  26. AudioPanacea says:

    This is no surprise, but I’d like to chime in that having a smartphone to
    access the internet with in the field is invaluable. While I DO research at
    home, with toys especially I check eBay as I’m going through thrift store
    stock and look up sales for anything that catches my eye. You can learn
    fairly quick what sells and what doesn’t. This is good training for when
    you go to garage sales where you obviously don’t want to be on your phone
    checking prices.

  27. globalvoodoo says:

    Bought about 50 of the little people for about $2 and sold them for $130..
    good vid RP.

  28. Redneck Picker says:

    @globalvoodoo SUUHHHWWEET!

  29. thisisunreal1 says:

    I picked up a whole bag for $2. You have to research individual pieces &
    variations. The wooden ones do better than the plastic but, Sesame Street
    ones can be worth a pretty penny. Cheers!

  30. SuperMommy227 says:

    LOVE IT!!! I am picking up a HUGE lot for $50 tonight. I was shocked when I
    saw what was included… have to find a working camera to make a vid later.

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